Dear Parents and Students,

Last year the sixth grade students at Jay M. Robinson took part in a new science curriculum, Project-Based Inquiry Science. This is a research study being conducted in CMS particularly in 6th grade science. The students are exposed to an entire new way of teaching methodology. They learn the way scientists learn. We feel that this curriculum was an overwhelming success. This year, we will continue to use Project Based Inquiry Science.

In Project-Based Inquiry Science (PBIS) your children will learn by exploring interesting questions and challenges, reading about what other scientists have discovered, investigating, experimenting, gathering evidence, and forming explanations. They will use technology along with the simplest of tools to design, build, and run models. They will learn to collaborate with others to find answers and to share their learning in a variety of ways. Teachers will support and guide the student inquires by framing the guiding challenge or question, presenting crucial lessons, managing the sequencing of activities and eliciting and steering discussion and collaboration among the students. They will also have time for personal reflection to help the students learn from each experience. In the process, they will come to see science in a whole new, exciting way that will motivate them throughout their educational experiences and beyond.

We are extremely excited about this curriculum. We anticipate that your children will have a lot of fun while learning in the classroom. This approach will provide the students with the framework that will produce competent scientific thinkers.

Thank you,

Kylie Swanson & Ron Arcaini

Jay M. Robinson

Sixth Grade Science Team